[NEW] Our Flea Market will be taking place Saturday May 30th & Sunday 31st, 8am-3pm (rain or shine) at the Knights of Columbus Hall, Rt 18 (1195 Bedford St) Whitman MA [Google Maps].
We'll have a mix of general Flea Market merchandise and Ham radio gear w/free admission.
 Some vendor booth space is still available ($20/Sat, $15/Sun) Call 781-523-5010 for details.

[Important Reminder] Dues are due. If you haven't paid your 2015 membership dues, please do so asap. Fyi: June 2015 club elections for officers and club logo selection (new/old) is only open to club members w/paid dues.

[Reminder] Our next physical meeting is Wednesday June 3rd , 7pm at the K/C hall in Whitman MA. 

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May 2015 Sunday Public Service Net Control

May 10th    Richard AG1B
May 17th    Bill N1FRE   (Cranland fly-in)
May 24th    Jim W1JT
May 31st, 10AM at our club Flea Market, K/C hall. Net Control: tbd.

The Whitman Amateur Radio Public Service net is held every Sunday morning at 08:30 on 147.225+ PL 67.0. 

Club members and all other area hams are welcome to join the net. 

The purpose of this net is to establish a 2 meter frequency in the event of an emergency 
and to share information of interest with amateurs and all other listeners as well. 

We are always looking for new volunteers for net control. 
For a revised preamble, instructions, net log, etc,CLICK HERE

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Upcoming club meetings

: The next physical meeting will be on Wednesday June 3rd, 2015, 7pm
at the Knights of Columbus Hall, Rt18 Whitman MA

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Fox Hunt Information

*NEW* The Next Fox Hunt announced by Richard AG1B
A hidden radio transmitter "Fox Hunt" will be held on Saturday, May 9, 2015  from 10:00 - 11:30 AM. 
The guest "Fox" will be hiding within a 5 mile radius  of the  Old Colony  YMCA facility,  located on Rt 106, at 635 Plymouth street, East Bridgewater, MA.  The "Fox" will be transmitting  voice mode,  every five minutes,  on simplex frequency  146.535 Mh, .Participants are asked to contact "Fox Control" before the start of the hunt on the Whitman repeater, 147.225 Mh, pl 67+.

For information, instruction, or to ride along, contact;   
Roy KB1CYV  
Richard  AG1B

Future radio direction finding events  are scheduled for the second Saturday of the month.
The "Fox" committee is  looking for guest "Foxes" who know a secret location that would test the direction finding skills of the hunters.

April 2015 Fox Hunt results by Richard AG1B:
A hidden transmitter  Fox hunt was held Saturday, April 11, 2015.  Richard AG1B volunteered to be the "Fox" on a pleasant Saturday morning.   Richard AG1B chose the highly visible parking lot of the Peaceful Meadows Ice Cream Stand, on Rt 18 in Whitman, as the location for the hidden radio transmissions.  The "Fox" transmitted  low power, one minute messages spaced five minutes apart on 146.535 Mh, starting at 10:00AM.  The location reportedly resulted in strong signals going out over the low farm land towards Rt 14 .  The team of Roy Logan KB1CYV and Ron Stundze KB1OEQ was the first to arrive at Peaceful Meadows in 55 minutes followed closely by Mike Petrou W1MSP in 56 minutes. Kevin Dykes KB1MOC arrived two minutes before the 11:30 AM cutoff time. A lively discussion was held with the  fox hunters recounting their direction finding bearings and locations en route to the hidden location.  The Fox Crew event photo was then taken followed by a drawing for a gift certificate for the Peaceful Meadows Ice Cream Stand. Kevin KB1MOC was the lucky winner of the gift certificate. 


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Secretary and MOTA notes:

[NEW] April 1st 2015 Secretary Notes [PDF]
[NEW]April 15th 2015 Flea Market meeting Secretary Notes [PDF]

March 2015 Secretary Notes [PDF]
March 18th 2015 MOTA Notes [PDF]

February 2015 Secretary Notes [PDF]
February 18th 2015 MOTA Notes [PDF]

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Upcoming Whitman Amateur Radio Club events:

CRANLAND airport breakfast/fly-in begins Sunday April 19th. (3rd Sunday/ea mo.)
◦ ARRL Field Day 2015 : June 27 and June 28th
◦ Marshfield Fair 2015: Aug 21st thru Aug 30th
WARC Flea Market : tbd by Flea Market committee
Plimouth Plantation : tbd by Plimouth Plantation committee (Thanksgiving wkend or
wkend prior to Thanksgiving has been suggested)

Other Amateur Radio events/FYI:

▪ Framingham Ham Flea Market is April 12th 
▪ NEAR-Fest is May 1st and May 2nd.
▪ Dayton Hamvention is May 15th thru May 17th.
▪ The ARRL New England Convention in Boxboro is Aug 21st thru Aug 23rd.

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Past Amateur Radio Events

USS Massachusetts
W1BSA Special Event
[link] Providence Journal article featuring Massasoit Amateur Radio Association and Whitman Amateur Radio Club members.

Saturday and Sunday November 29th and 30th, 2014
9:00am EST - 3:00pm EST (14:00-20:00 UTC)

Special Event Station NI1X operated on or about 18.160 Mhz, 14.260 Mhz, 7.260 Mhz, 3.860 Mhz, EchoLink:WA1NPO-R, IRPL node 8691 and 147.225+PL67.0

If you made contact with NI1X during our special event operations on November 29th and/or November 30th, 2014 and would like to receive a QSL certificate, please send a full sized SASE to:

Whitman Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 48
Whitman, MA 02382


We once again had a great time demonstrating amateur radio to the public at this year's Marshfield Fair! Thanks to all of the club members and area hams who helped out with the event.

If you made contact with NN1MF and would like to receive a QSL card and certificate, please send a full sized SASE to:

Whitman Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 48
Whitman, MA 02382

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January 2015 Newsletter
All Pages (PDF File)
November-December 2014 Newsletter
All Pages (PDF File)
If you don't have the PDF file viewer, download it here.

Newsletter Archive

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Club Info

The Whitman Amateur Radio Club is located about 25 miles south of Boston, MA, near the city of Brockton. Club meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at the Whitman Knights of Columbus Hall on route 18 just south of the Abington line. The meetings start at 7:00 PM.

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view the prices of coax and other wire available to club members.

Club Membership Application
Ham Radio Related Links
New England Repeater Directory
2012 List of Activities
For an up to date list of all VE Exam sessions in the New England area, visit the KY1N Memorial List

Club Officers
Board of Directors
President - Jim Tovet W1JT
Vice President - Paul Moss KB1MTW
Treasurer - Jeff Tracy  N1SOM
Secretary - Larry Kenney K1LJK

Information and pictures from club events of the past
Memorial Day weekend Flea Market
The Mount Washington "DX Pedition"
Fox Hunting Pictures
Plimoth Plantation Special Event

We have plans on completely rebuilding this site with WordPress soon, if you have any ideas or experience with WordPress, please contact Jeff N1ZZN here.

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