OPENING:  The meeting was held at Quonset Hut on Pine Street in Whitman.  Members started arriving a little after 7:00.  Club Vice President, Chris  N1WWI officially opened the meeting at 7:40 p.m.

ATTENDANCE:  The total attendance was 19 and included 2 of the elected officers and 2 members of the Board of Directors.

Chris Tilden N1WWI Charlet Sherman N1VQZ
Irving Spector W1RQW  George Kelly N1ZZO
Jim Gilbert W5IRW Tom Lehmann N1ZZM
Jeff Lehmann N1ZZN George Johnston N1SUY
Bill Tracy N1SON Joe Diloreto N1FEE
Gil Follett WA1GDJ Ed Meehan N1NTZ
George Davis KC1FZ Frank Hayes N1OGP
John Seamans KB1CVN Vic Kairis N1OEH
George Pedro N1XXR Bruce Hayden NI1X
John Logan N1ZZP  

Jeff  N1SOM was unable to attend the meeting, but copies of the treasurer’s report were circulated.  The club had a beginning balance of $1,303.31 on May 1st, May income of $1,068.56, expenses of $732.79, leaving an ending balance of $1,639.08 on May 31st. Frank  N1OGP and Ed  N1NTZ made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, the motion was seconded by The Bruce  NI1X, and approved as read.


The new generator was on display at the meeting.  It is smaller than the old one, but runs good and is all set for Field Day.  The cost to the club was $350.  Volunteers are needed to help make the generator safer to operate when it gets warm.  Suggestions were made to move the fuel source farther away from the generator using flexiline.

The Bike a thon took place this past weekend, with several members participating.  Some members got wet with the rain, but all expressed how important ham radio is to public events such as this.

The Mount Washington Special Event Station is moving along as planned for Saturday, June 13th.  Bruce  K1HTN has been busy making up 20 meter loops for the event.  The participating members will leave about noon on Friday, spend the night at Bruce’s NH home, and travel up the mountain early Saturday morning to operate.

Field Day Update:  The club has verbal permission to use the park for the Field Day Weekend, Saturday June 27th and Sunday June 28th.  The Bruce  NI1X expressed how important it was to get the necessary written permission forms filled out for our stay overnight, since the park is usually closed to visitors at night.  Chris  N1WWI volunteered to stop by the park office and make sure the needed forms are complete.

Ed  N1NTZ asked about the status of the band pass filters which were voted on a few meetings ago. Chris  N1WWI reported that they have been ordered (20 and 40 meters), and we are just waiting on delivery.  He also reported that
 the latest QST Magazine had an article on making band pass filters.

The Bruce  NI1X brought in the latest delivery of the QSL cards from the Bureau at the ARRL.  These were QSL’s from prior special events, such as the flea market and Plimoth Plantation.  Some of the cards were several years old.

The Bruce  NI1X made a motion that we send another $10 to the Bureau on our QSL account for future deliveries.  George  KC1FZ seconded the motion and the motion was approved.  Jim  W5IRW added that the Bureau is a great source for when you have a foreign contact and cant find the ham’s information in any local call books or databases.  The Bureau forwards the card to the Bureau in that country, and they usually find the person for you.

The Bruce  NI1X reports the club packet is still up and running.  It seems to hang up every two or three weeks, which is normal for the PackRat 232 software.  Gil  WA1GDJ suggested that a KPC3 would work well, it resets and reinitializes itself on reboot.

Joe  N1FEE asked for a round of applause for those responsible for the work done on the flea market.  Several people noted on how clean the parking lot was afterwards.  A letter needs to be sent to the Donut shop for the donation, and to Saftler’s for the use of the lot, the old letters will be dug out of prior minutes of the meetings to use.

The Bruce  NI1X asked about the status of the forms for mailing the nominations and votes for officers.  It was reported that Jeff  N1SOM was in the process of completing that task.  They will be mailed to those paid up on dues, and either mailed back to the club house or brought to the meeting, where they will be counted by two trustworthy people.


Gil  WA1GDJ reported on this past Saturday’s Skywarn activities.  The National Weather service had activated a tornado warning for our area.  The Skywarn net lasted until about midnight, with several operators handling net control as they were available.  This multiple net control worked well for all involved.

The National Weather Service in Taunton also operated an open house display this past weekend. Jeff  N1ZZN got to launch the Amateur Radio Balloon, which will be used to send temperature information back via code.  Of the many members who visited the display, all agreed that the weather service did an excellent job, and there were no long waits this year.

Gil  WA1GDJ reported on the most recent fox hunt.  It was a Level 1 with a festive feast, and some added that the fox cheated, hi,hi.  The Bruce  NI1X held a cook out at his home after the foxhunt.  Gil  WA1GDJ brought in the first place certificate and presented it to Ed  N1NTZJohn  N1ZZP made up the beautiful certificates, which have a color picture of a fox on the background.  The next foxhunt is June 6th, with Gene  AA1CJ being the fox.

George  KC1FZ has heard that Radio Shack has a HT202 on sale for about $150.


Ed N1NTZ made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:25pm, Joe  N1FEE and Jim  W5IRW seconded the motion, the motion was approved and the meeting adjourned.




OPENING:  The meeting was held at Quonset Hut on Pine Street in Whitman.  Members started arriving a little after 7:00.  Club Vice President, Chris  N1WWI officially opened the meeting at 7:40 p.m.

ATTENDANCE:  The total attendance was 19 and included 3 of the elected officers.
Chris Tilden N1WWI Charlet Sherman N1VQZ 
Jeff Tracy N1SOM Lenny Amabile N1MII 
Walt Dolson K1BZD Bruce Beaman K1HTN 
Bob Mandeville N1EDM George Kelly N1ZZO
Loren Pimentel N1IQI John Logan N1ZZP 
Tom Lehmann N1ZZM Jeff Lehmann N1ZZN 
John Coombs WQ1L  Vic Karois N1OEH 
Bernard Snow N1OQW Bob Johnson WA1OFR 
Mike N1FRV Bruce Hayden NI1X
George Pedro N1XXR  



Jeff  N1SOM gave the treasurer’s report for June.  The club had a beginning balance of $1,639.08 on June 1st, no income, and expenses of $350.00 for the generator, leaving an ending balance of $1,289.08 on June 15th. The Bruce  NI1X made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as read, seconded by Walt  K1BZD, and approved.


Mount Washington Update: George  N1XXR gave us a run down on how the Mount Washington Special Event Station went last weekend. The participants met at Bruce’s  K1HTN home on Lake Ossipee.  The next morning the weather was bad, so a call was made to the mountain to get an okay before starting their trip.  As they put up the antennae’s, the wind was 64 mph with heavy rain.  They used 2 dipoles and one R5 antennae.  Jim  WB2QVA had brought a new Force 12 multi band antennae, which they tried to put up, but couldn’t due to the weather.

At one point the park personnel asked that they move an antennae off the hiking trail, as to their surprise 7 hikers were coming up the mountain in the bad weather.  Bruce  K1HTN reported that when he fired up and threw out the call, several people were sitting on the frequency just waiting for the contact.  He made about 35 contacts, mostly stateside, the farthest being a VE9 call.

They had to break down a bit early, since the park was closing the road because of the weather.  So everyone put their wet clothing back on, and took down the antennae’s in 86 mph winds with pelting ice and rain.  At the bottom of the hill, they stopped and switched into the sort of dry clothing for the 4-hr. drive home.

George  N1XXR and Bruce  K1HTN will be getting their film developed, and George has pictures from the mountain in good weather for before shots.  It was requested that George  N1XXR write up an article describing their trip in more detail for the newsletter.

Field Day Update: Jeff N1ZZN brought up the subject of field day, where he would like to try out 2 meter ssb again. Jeff  N1SOM  has been looking into how to quiet down the generator, and found a dealer which would install a muffler for approximately $70.  The Bruce  NI1X made a motion that this is done, Jeff N1SOM seconded the motion, and the members approved.  This will be done over the next weekend, and at that time a fueling system will also be set up.  Chris  N1WWI  will drop off a copy of our permission form to spend the night at the park at the local police station.  Further discussion was held on who was bring what, operating on which bands, the log and dupe sheets, and the need for tents, gas cans, and food.

Lenny  N1MII complemented Jeff  N1SOM on the first issue of the Spectrum newsletter.


Walt  K1BZD reported that James D Serra  NG1Z passed away.  He sent a card on behalf of the club to the family, and opened discussion on wanting to send a donation to the Alzheimer’s Disease Fund in James’s name.  Jimmy was a former member of the Board of Director’s for the club.  Bruce  K1HTN made a motion to give a donation of $25 to the fund, Lenny  N1MII seconded the motion, and the motion was approved.

Walt  K1BZD has recently acquired a computer, an HP Pavilion, and will soon be using email.


Lenny  N1MII made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:30pm, Bob  WA1OFR seconded the motion, the motion was approved and the meeting adjourned.



Mount Washington "DX Pedition"

Mt. Washington A success
By George Pedro, N1XXR
The Mount Washington DX Expedition

Area Hams recently went to Mt. Washington for a special event to test equipment and celebrate the home of the world’s worst weather. Unfortunately, the celebration included a fine sample of "worst weather". With permission from the Whit Mountain National Forest Park Service a team from the Whitman ARC and the Massasoit Amateur Radio Association of Bridgewater on June 13, 1998 operated on all HF bands from the "Tip Top House" at the summit of Mt. Washington. The elevation is 6,288’ and, as previously stated, is known for being the home of the World’s worst weather with the highest recorded winds on earth of 231 MPH in April 1934.
On June 13th at 6:30am Park Manager, Mike Pelchat reported to the team by phone that the wind was 45 MPH with fog and drizzle at the summit. The crew decided to leave the dry, warm comfort of their guest accommodations on Lake Ossippee and proceed to the summit. Upon arrival at the summit, 2 hours later, they found the winds had increased to 67 MPH with very heavy rain. In spite of this and with the help of Ranger Pelchat they set up several antennas under severe conditions. Once the antennas were secure, the crew changed their wet gear and sought shelter in the "Tip Top House" a stone edifice built back in the 1800’s and truly one of the country’s national treasures.
Although radio band conditions were poor due to the foul weather, many contacts were made throughout the country. However, as the day progressed, conditions continued to deteriorate. Finally the park service shut down the Cog Railroad that travels to the summit daily as well as closing the auto road.
With the winds now nearly hurricane force (86 MPH) and heavy rain with hale moving horizontally with great force, a suggestion was made by George Pedro of East Bridgewater to terminate the DX expedition. Everyone worked to break down the antennas, pack up, and carefully descend the summit via the auto road. Glad to be back on solid ground, all enjoyed the comfort of the Glen House at the base of Mt. Washington and another change of Dry cloths before heading home.
Those participating were Jeff Lehmann (N1ZZN) of Hanson; James D’Ambrosio (WB2QVA) of Raynham; Bruce Hayden (NI1X) of Raynham; Bruce Beaman (K1HTN) of East Bridgewater; Chris Tilden (N1WWI) of East Bridgewater; and George Pedro (N1XXR) of East Bridgewater.
Everyone believes that this trip to the summit of Mt. Washington has prepared all for almost any type of field conditions if the need for emergency communications arises, or maybe even a trip to Herd Island.

        -----courtesy of George Pedro N1XXR



 When the skywarn net is brought up it is first up in a Level 2 or in a  Stand by mode. The intention of this level is to keep the repeater open for other conversation to blend in with any minor reporting or weather chatting that would be transferred among the spotters. Our Net Control Operators using a level 2 do not run a controlled net at this time. Although when initial check in are being done it does get hectic BUT BREAK-IN to the Net Control Operator are allowed and encouraged if necessary. This doesn't have to be an emergency by the BREAKING IN station. Contact and travel or short quickies or the likes are ok. However, WX related material does take priority and has been recognized by all on the repeater for several years. As the weather incident slacks off the Net Control Operator might make the announcement that all spotters are released and that Net Control will be standing by in STANDBY mode in case further development builds up again. During this stand-by condition the Net is off but everyone knows that the Net Control Operator is available for information if the need arises. The repeater is open totally at this time. The Net Control Operator would break-in in a normal fashion to get control of the repeater for a moment. Get the information and go back into the Stand-by mode OR reopen the Level 2 mode. His call. In a Level 2 status the Net Control Operator will keep the repeater informed of the weather, special bulletins and post the level every once in a while so people listening to the repeater that are not
involved might know what is going on. In stand-by this is not done. The Net Control Operator will secure all activities at the conclusion of the event. This final closing could be well into the night and everyone has gone to sleep. Maybe even the Net Control Operator. If at anytime you need to use the repeater, take a moment and listen to what is going on for a moment and then ask for a call. No problem. In most cases that is never any problem. Your call is just as important as ours is and it is a two-way street.

Now when the wx gets really severe and WE have the action the NCO will take the event to a Level 1. At this time the repeater will be secured for South Shore Skywarn Group only. It will be a controlled net, all calls will be addressed to the NCO and the events will be of a serious nature. If a person needs to make a call on the repeater of importance he/she should address a request to the NCO. He will allow it at his discretion. Basically this is pretty much forward and direct. Fortunately 3 years I have had
only one situation that I have taken to a Level 1. That was one hurricane that escapes me now that passed off the Islands and we were at Level 1.

We do activate for Severe Thunderstorms when advised by the NWS. As I did today. There is much to look at weather wise and try to maintain knowledge if it is incoming to us. Don't want another downburst to slide in on us and not know about it like the last one.

I am the Net Coordinator for the Group. Carl N1FYZ is one step above me In the chain. All decisions are made by him and me. My Net Control Operators specifically are WA1GDJ, N1FYZ, N1EDM, N1WAI, and N1OTX. They all can call up the net at anytime on their own per NWS request. There are procedures
that mandates callups so they just are not random. In most cases I am advised and then call for a NCO if reached.

When the net is up and active the NCO can and will move msgs to proper places. Like if a spotter comes across a motor vehicle he will take the message and send it to the proper authority. What our spotters see and report is what is recorded and moved. We also cross msgs to MEMA thru Carl N1FYZ at the Bridgewater bunker if that is the direction it must go. However, and for the most part, we are basically interested in SEVERE WX CONDITIONS. Our main objective is to report what is going on to the

All our member are trained by the NWS Taunton sometime during there first year. This is a must. They then know the procedures and what is required of a spotter without having to train each on ourselves. Of course we do repeat some of the necessary issues within the group and with others that are interested. To clarify this a little bit. When we are in Level 1 the NCO will only take information from a registered NWS spotter. That means he has to have that ID# from NWS. Our group members have these numbers and
are on record here. Non skywarn people do not enter into this event. On a Level 2 the NCO will take information from any amateur radio operator that has information to be passed on to the NCO. And, of course, on a stand-by everyone is welcome.

Now there is another angle to the group. Since SKYWARN is a NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE group anyone ham or non-ham can take the training and be a spotter. They can ride with spotters or spot on their own. Of course they cannot use Amateur Radios to communicate with the NCO. Therefore, our
NCO operators try to leave their phone lines open for incoming calls by non-ham spotters during events. Sometimes they get busy also so please keep trying.

I guess the bottom line is that when the weather is up so are we. Maybe not on the radio but the computers are buzzing and the TV’s are monitored waiting for the signal to activate. Always feel free to break in at a
conveint time if need be. Feel free to offer your sightings to the NCO and participate in any Stand-by or Level 2 Net. If interested in the system and want more information please ask any of the Net Control Operators at anytime. There is formal training in the spring of each year and those dates are posted and available through New England. The formal training for this season is over for SKYWARN TRAINING and advance training is starting for Net Operators, Evaluators, Hurricane workers and many aspects of
FEMA and MEMA. There is a place for you in any one of these three groups and  you will be welcomed with open arms.

Catch You On The Net
Coordinator for




There will be a FREE Emergency Communications Seminar (WORKSHOP) on Saturday August 1st, 1998 from 9AM to 4PM at the Walpole Senior Center, Walpole Town Hall. The town hall is located on 135 School Street in Walpole. The Senior Center is located at the rear entrance to the town hall. This workshop is open to all amateur radio operators and those interested in emergency communications.
 This Emergency Communications Seminar will provide the background and information to serve Amateur Radio Operators when they need to respond to a communications emergency. It will feature an introduction and conclusion to emergency communications, and five 1 hour training sessions on topics including; NTS Traffic/Message Handling; Net Operations, Net Control Operation, Basic intro to first aid, Go kits (responding to an emergency, What to bring with you).
 It will feature a one-hour lunch that will be provided at no cost to Amateurs. Amateur Operators will give the presentations and there will be a round table discussion or open forum.
 Preregistration is requested, but not required. If you preregister please do so by Saturday July 25th, 1998 so they can get a head count. Walk-ins will be welcome if space permits.
Talk in will be on 146.895 (-600 shift, no PL tone) Walpole EMA K1HRV repeater. They have plenty of free parking and a short walk from the T station (commuter rail).


Scuttle but

Jeff N1ZZN over the weekend before the July 6th meeting mowed the lawn at the Club house.
Also Jeff is working on a web site for the Club. The address is http://www.gis.net/~jlehmann/warc.htm .

Jeff would like Club member’s e-mail addresses to put on the Web page. Send the info to Jeff N1SOM and he will pass it on to Jeff N1ZZN

Address changes

Any address changes should be sent to Jeff N1SOM at his address

Jeff Tracy – N1SOM
240 Washington Street Apt #1
Norwood, MA. 02062

This address is effective July 15th. Also dues payments or any correspondence to the Treasurer will be sent to this address. Don’t send anything to Abington or the Hanson address after July 27th .


Attention Amateur Radio Operators!!

The Genesis Amateur Radio Society will be hosting an Advanced License Theory Class

Where:  Town of Plymouth Office of Emergency Preparedness: Memorial Hall: 83 Court Street. (Rte. 3A) Plymouth, MA (park out back….office is in the basement.)

When:  Saturdays 08:00-10:00 am
             August 1 to October 31, 1998

Contact: Eugene M. Harriman II, AA1CJ
     L-Line: 508-747-8198
     Packet: aa1cj@k1ugm.#ema.ma.usa
     E-mail: aa1cj@capecod.net

Bring:  * pencil/pen and notebook
· ARRL Advanced class license book
· Scientific calculator-one with trigonometric functions-sine, cosine, tangent, log functions

This is JUST ADVANCED THEORY… not code class! This class will prepare you for your Element 4A Amateur Radio License exam

Please call Gene AA1CJ if you plan to attend

 --courtesy of Gene Harriman AA1CJ



On June 27th and 28th members of the Whitman Amateur Radio Club participated in Field Day. There were 499 contacts made with 36 states and 3 Canadian Providences. We got off due to the weather, but the rain stopped and we were able to make contacts right up till 2PM on Sunday. The new generator performed flawlessly and we were happy with its performance.  A total of 5 base stations were set up. Jeff N1SOM will tally up the contacts and mail the paperwork to ARRL for processing. When the total points are calculated it will be printed in the newsletter.


 Paul N1VTI and Jeff N1ZZN work the 20 meter station in Paul’s camper, especially set up for Field Day


 The Bruce NI1X at his base station



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