The Voice Of The Humble Electron
The Whitman Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 48; Whitman, MA. 02382
ARRL # 0082
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Club Call Sign: WA1NPO                         APRIL 1999                          Repeater: 147.225+ MHz

Officers for 1998-1999
N1FRE – Bill Hayden 
118 Washington Street 
Whitman, MA. 02382 
Vice – President 
N1WWI – Chris Tilden 
45 Pearl Street #2 
E. Bridgewater, MA 02333
N1SOM – Jeff Tracy 
240 Washington St. #1 
Norwood, MA. 02062 
N1VQZ – Charlet Sherman 
51 Anderson Ave. 
Middleboro, MA. 02346

Board of Directors

Term Expires May 31, 1999 
KC1FZ – George Davis 
10 Sanborn Rd. 
Hingham, MA. 02043 
Term Expires May 31, 2000 
N1NTZ – Ed Meehan 
19 Corcoran Rd. 
Brockton, MA. 02401
Term Expires May 31, 2001 
K1BZD – Walter Dolson 
208 Auburn Street 
Whitman, MA. 02382 

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held on the first and third Monday of the month at the Quonset Hut, located on Pine Street, ¼ mile off Rte. 18 in Whitman, just south of the Abington line.

Members gather at 7:00 p.m. to socialize. The business meeting is conducted at 7:30 p.m. Talk in will be on 147.225+ MHz.

From the editor:

All items to be submitted for the Spectrum must be received by the editor by the 19th of the month for it to be included in the next issue, send all items
                 Jeff Tracy N1SOM
                 240 Washington St Apt 1
                 Norwood, MA. 02062-1548

Well Spring is finally here, and the start of a busy season. The flea market at Saftler’s is next month, and we will advertise in the two newspapers. We didn’t know how much of an impact not advertising in The Enterprise would be. It goes to show you have to spend money (in ads) to make money. But we learn and we should do well this year. Elections are coming up also, where we will vote on officers that will help carry the Club into the next year. And don’t forget about Field Day it will be here before you know it, so start planning now.
     Jeff N1SOM



OPENING: The members started to gather at 6:30 at the Cardinal Spellman Center, in Whitman next to the Holy Ghost Church. Club Vice President, Chris N1WWI opened the meeting at 6:45 P.M.

ATTENDANCE: The total attendance was 12 and included 3 of the elected officers and 3 member of the Board of Directors.
Chris Tilden N1WWI   Jeff Tracy N1SOM
Charlet Sherman N1VQZ   Walt Dolson K1BZD
Roy Logan KB1CYV   Bob Johnson WA1OFR
Ed Meehan N1NTZ   George Davis KC1FZ
Jeff Lehmann N1ZZN   Tom Lehmann N1ZZM
Bruce Hayden NI1X   George Pedro KE1KR


Walt K1BZD made a motion to accept the minutes of January’s meeting as they appeared in the handout, Ed N1NTZ seconded the motion, and the minutes were accepted.


The next meeting will be held at the Quonset Hut on Pine Street on Monday, April 5th. We are returning to the first and third Monday meetings at the Quonset hut.


Nothing reported.



The clubhouse has been cleaned out in preparation for setting up a ham station again. Bob WA1OFR reports that there is just one more load to go to the dump. Ed N1NTZ asked if anyone knew what was under the wood flooring. George KC1FZ, who had repaired the floor in the past with John WQ1L, informed the members that under the wood was cement, which should be in good shape. Discussion was held on whether to put more cement, replace the wood, etc. It was agreed that a closer look at the floor would be taken at the next meeting. George KC1FZ has been doing some pricing of wood. The tentative plans are to do the repairs over the warmer summer months.


Tom N1ZZM gave us an update on the status of introducing the cub scouts from the area council to ham radio via a club station. The council felt it was too much to involve the whole council at once. The den mother of the den in Tom’s area is still interested in having her den participate. It was suggested that they also be invited to field day, where several stations will be operating, and the offer could be extended to the other dens in the council.


Walt K1BZD asked if anyone knew anything about the Year 2K drill being run by Carl N1FYZ at the Veterans Hospital in Brockton. Chris N1WWI responded that it had taken place earlier this week, and it was a drill on what to do if there were no power, phone, etc.


Bruce NI1X brought in handouts of the most recent Skywarn newsletter, which included the final results of last week’s snowstorm. He also explained how the Electric Company responds to storms, power outages, etc. From there the conversation went on to war stories about previous storms.


On June 26th and 27th, there will be a bike-a-thon in the area and they are looking for hams to participate. Jeff N1SOM said he would put the details in the newsletter.


Gene N1EH and Mark KB1COB were the most recent foxes for the hunt. They hid in Plymouth behind the dump. Gene has drilled a hole on the roof of his car for his Quad antenna, and rotates it from inside the car.

The week before John N1ZZP was the fox, and hid on Rocky Gutter Road in Middleboro, behind a large puddle.


Walt K1BZD is all set for the month of March with net control operators. He asked for Volunteers to start out the month of April. The results were:

April 4th Charlet N1VQZ

April 11th Jeff N1ZZN

Walt K1BZD also reported that for the month of February we had 4 sessions, with a total QNI of 69, and QTC of 11.


Chris N1WWI spoke about seeing a report of a ham doing moon bounce on CNN over the weekend. The report did not give the ham’s call. Bob WA1OFR will look on the moon net to see if he can find it out.

Walt K1BZD has a young person from his church that is interested in amateur radio and may be a future ham. Walt may bring him to the next meeting.

It was reported that Bill N1FRE has bought a new power supply, but has not been heard on the air with it yet. Bill is usually headed back to this area on Thursday nights, so he tries to be on the air on Mon., Tues. and Wed., on 3.930 at 8:00 p.m. or 5:30 a.m.

George KC1FZ said he recently spoke with Don Keene KA1PJX. Don is still busy with the Long Island work.


Walt K1BZD made a motion to donate $25 to the church for the use of the room, Bruce NI1X seconded, and the motion was approved.

Walt K1BZD also informed the members that Father Boyden was retiring.


At 7:20 p.m., Ed N1NTZ made a motion to adjourn the meeting; Bob WA1OFR seconded the motion, the motion passed, and the meeting adjourned.



OPENING: The members started to gather around 7:00 at the Quonset hut, on Pine Street in Whitman. Club Vice President, Chris N1WWI opened the meeting at 07:40 P.M.

ATTENDANCE: The total attendance was 17 and included 3 of the elected officers and all members of the Board of Directors.
Chris Tilden N1WWI   Jeff Tracy N1SOM
Charlet Sherman N1VQZ   Ed McSweeney KB1CYX
Bob Schillinger KA1PGU   Gil Follett WA1GDJ
Jeff Lehmann N1ZZN   Bob Johnson WA1OFR
George Davis KC1FZ   Bruce Hayden NI1X
Roy Logan KB1CYV   Tom Lehmann N1ZZM
Keith Lehmann SWL   Ed Meehan N1NTZ
John Logan N1ZZP   Walt Dolson K1BZD
Bill Tracy N1SON      


Nothing was reported.



The discussion on repairing the floor was put on hold for a future meeting with more members.

Bill N1SON knows someone with a welder and a bucket truck that is willing to help repair the clubhouse tower. Jeff N1ZZN can get a 2-meter/440 antenna for the tower. The Cushcraft antenna needs work and parts.


Gil WA1GDJ reported that on last weekend’s foxhunt. Both Bob WA1OFR and Myron N1XJK used their beams to get a triangulation on the location of the fox, who was the Bruce NI1X and Don NN1D . They pinpointed the position to the old Middleboro airport, one mile from the fox’s actual location.

Gil WA1GDJ also reported that on the 17th, National Fox Hunting day, a special hunt will be held. The details are not finalized yet, but the hunt will have a starting line, several foxes, and hunters will be timed by mileage and time.


The Skywarn schedule has been posted on the nets. There is a session in Plymouth this year.



Elections are coming up, so nominations for officers will be taken at the next two meetings, Mon. Apr 19th, and Mon. May 3rd. After that ballots will be mailed, and elections held.


Discussion was held on this year’s field day. A committee was started, which included Jeff N1ZZN, Tom N1ZZM, Bruce NI1X, Jeff N1SOM, and Paul N1VTI. Jeff N1SOM will download the Field Day package off ARRL on the web. Steve W1WSN will operate 40 Meters CW. Jeff N1ZZN will bring a computer for logging. The computer can run through the filter that George KC1FZ repaired. Chris N1WWI will look into filters, etc that may be needed. Bill N1SON is going to put a new plug on the generator. Tom N1ZZM will be the chef.


The flea market will be held on Sun. May 30th and Mon. May 31st. Jeff N1SOM will obtain the insurance rider. Chris N1WWI will contact Joe N1FEE and Bill N1FRE regarding flyers, etc.


Bob WA1OFR reported that the club antenna analyzer needs repairs. He called MFJ and received an estimate of $45 plus $7 shipping to have it fixed. Bob made a motion to allocate no more than $60 for the repairs. Bob KA1PGU seconded the motion, and the motion was approved. Bob WA1OFR volunteered to ship the package to MFJ.


Bob KAPGU reported that due to low turnout there is not a class this spring. He anticipates having a class in the fall.


Framingham Flea Mkt.

Sun, Apr 11th


3rd Sun of ea. Month Now through Oct


Fri and Sat, May 7th & 8th


Chris N1WWI brought up that we need to replenish the wire supply. We need Mini 8 and rope, which would be about $100. Bruce NI1X made a motion that the wire be purchased, Ed N1NTZ and Walt K1BZD seconded the motion, and the motion passed.


Walt K1BZD called for volunteers to run the Sunday morning net for the remainder of April. Following is the schedule:

April 11th Jeff N1ZZN

April 18th The Bruce NI1X

April 25th Jeff N1SOM

Jeff N1ZZN gave an update on the 440 net he runs each Thursday evening at 8:00. The major influence to check ins is how the repeater is running. Last week was good, since the company causing the interference added a notch filter. The duplexer is going to be worked on this weekend, so there may be problems again.


Chris N1WWI noted that the Russians are launching a Sputnik satellite. Apparently France is pulling out of the trip because Russia plans on broadcasting an advertisement for watches.

Jeff N1ZZN reports that the web page is doing well, he has fixed the counter at the bottom of the page, previously the count was too high, showing over 5,000 hits, when actually its around 200.

Chris N1WWI reports that Steve W1WSN is looking for a box and a rack for his 440 repeater. He plans on eventually setting the repeater up on one of the area hospitals, but will first test it from Whitman. Steve is also looking for someone who has experience rebuilding a MM Rotator to help him out. Bob WA1OFR said he will give Steve a call, he has the experience.

Walt K1BZD has a contact, Jerry Eaton, who is looking for info. on amateur radio for the area scouts. It was suggested that he bring the scouts to field day, since the clubhouse is not ready.


At 8:30, Ed N1NTZ made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Bob KA1PGU seconded, and the meeting was adjourned.



As of April 13, 1999 only 56% of the total Club membership has paid their dues for 1999. As a reminder dues are due at the beginning of the calendar year. Club dues help defray the cost of printing the newsletters, repeater upkeep, and upcoming repairs to the Quonset hut. The Treasurer must receive all dues for 1999 by June 1, 1999, or the members will be dropped from the roster and any phone patch privileges will be suspended. A convenient form is located at the back of the newsletter to send the dues. Send the dues to the treasurer at:

Jeff Tracy N1SOM

240 Washington Street Apt 1

Norwood, MA. 02062-1548


The FCC in Gettysburg reports it has processed vanity call sign applications received through March 5. On March 25, the FCC issued 176 grants. Another 230 applications landed in the work – in – progress (WIPs) stack. All WIPs have been processed.


The cost of applying for an amateur vanity call sign is expected to rise slightly this fall. In a just – released Notice of Prpposed Rulemaking involving assessment and collection of regulatory fees for Fiscal Year 1999 (MD Docket 98 – 200), the FCC has proposed increasing the vanity fee to $1.42 per year or $14.20 for the 10 – year term.

The current vanity fee is $13. That figure, originally proposed at $1.29 per year (or $12.90 for the 10 – year term) was "rounded up" to $1.30 per year by the FCC when it was implemented last fall, so it’s possible the FCC might adjust the final number up or down to an even dollar figure this time as well.

The FCC projects 6800 vanity applications in FY 1999 for a total revenue figure of more that $96,000.

The vanity call sign business has continued to be brisk over the past year and picked up slightly after the vanity call sign fee dropped from its high of $50 to $13 last September. The FCC reports it received a total of 12,152 vanity applications during 1998 – slightly more that 1000 a month; however, not all applications have resulted in call sign grants. That trend continued in January and February. The FCC got more that 1400 applications in each of those two months.

The vast majority of applications last year were filed electronically. The FCC reports that fewer than 20% of last year’s applications arrived on paper. The Commission’s Gettysburg office currently takes three weeks to process a vanity call sign application.

Comments are due on the FCC’s FY 1999 fee proposals by April 19th. Reply comments are due April 29th. A full copy of the FCC NPRM is available at


Sputnik 40 years – the same folks who brought you the Sputnik 40 and Sputnik 41 mini – Sputnik satellites – will launch a third mini – satellite in April. Sputnik 40 years spokesman Guy Pignolet says the third flight model now is aboard a Progress rocket in Baikonur, Russia, awaiting transport to the Russian Mir space station April 2.

Sputnik 99, which likely also will be known as RS – 19 and possibly as Sputnik 42, will be launched by hand from Mir sometime in April during a space walk by ESA astronaut Jean – Pierre Haignere, FX0STB, of France. The newest "baby Sputnik" was a cooperative effort of Gerald Auvray, F6FA0, of AMSAT – France; Viktor Kourilov, of the Astronautical Federation of Russia; and Sergei Sambourov, RV3DR, of Energia and AMSAT – Russia. Technical details of the latest Sputnick are not yet available.

Haignere is aboard Mir for a six – month tour of duty and will return to Earth in August. He has occasionally been on the air from the R0MIR setup aboard Mir (145.985 MHz). The Air Force General is also president of the Aero – Club de France’s astronautics commission.

The last mini – Sputnik, Sputnik 41, was a JOINT PROJECT OF Aero – Club de France, the Russian Aeronautical Federation and AMSAT – France. Powered by nonrechargeable batteries, it stopped transmitting on 2 meters December 11 after approximately a month. It transmitted a set of pre – recorded voice greetings in three languages as well as a beacon. The first mini – Sputnik was launched in November 1997 from Mir to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the launching of the original Sputnik satellite. It transmitted only a beacon for approximately six weeks.

Sputnik 40 years is collaboration among high school students from College Jues Reydellet in St Denis on Reunion Island and students at the Center for Polytechnic Education in Naltchik, Russia.

--- ARRL


The FCC has issued an Experimental Radio Service license to the ARRL to permit tests in the vicinity of 5 MHz, the most likely site of the next amateur HF band. The license, bearing the call sign WA2XSY, was issued on January 8th. A group of 15 amateurs in various parts of the U.S. and the Caribbean will conduct experimental, two-way RTTY and SSB transmissions within the band 5.100 to 5.450 MHz. To avoid interfering with existing services, the participants will confine their operations to the least-populated 50-kHz segment. The experimental license is good for two years. Studies by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) include an allocation at 5 MHz among the future spectrum needs for the Amateur Service. The subject is not likely to show up on the agenda of a World Radiocommunication Conference for several years.

Participating stations are in New Hampshire, Tennessee, Ohio, Florida, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Indiana, California, Utah, New York, Texas, the Virgin Islands, and Maryland.

--- ARRL


Can’t get enough technical articles and challenging products? Check out the new QEX! If you would like more technical articles and challenging projects, look for them in QEX. This bimonthly publication (64 pages) offers you more that four times the technical content of a single QST. Ham radio technical experimentation is alive in QEX. In the March/April issue you’ll find: vertical antennas - - modeling and building a quarter – wave on 160 meters; Remote base operation; homebrewing dream station; better filters for QRP rigs; killer front end; propagation from the edge; 6 – meter power; power for MOSFETs, and much more. Visit to see.

--- ARRL


The ARRL September VHF QSO Party has been added to the list of Affiliated Club Competition contests. This change becomes effective with the 1999 September VHF QSO Party. The September VHF QSO Party now joins the January VHF Sweepstakes as a VHF/UHF Affiliated Club Competition event. As an Affiliated Club Competition event, the leading clubs in the Unlimited, Medium and Local categories win a coveted ARRL gavel, signifying the club’s accomplishment. Guidelines and rules for ARRL Affiliated Club Competition are found at the Contest Branch Home Page at as well as in the "General Rules for all ARRL Contests" in the November 1998 issue of QST. The ARRL also sponsors the June VHF QSO Party, the August UHF Contest, the two 10 GHz and Up weekends, and the annual EME Competition.


MFJ VHF/UHF Dual Band Antenna Tuner

The MFJ – 922 VHF/UHF Dual Band Antenna Tuner is only $79.95! This compact dual band VHF/UHF antenna tuner has a single meter that reads SWR and power. It covers VHF 136 – 175 MHz and UHF 420 – 460 MHz. You can read power up to 150 Watts in two ranges: 60 Watts or 150 Watts. MFJ – 922 is a great antenna tuner for HTs, mobile rigs or amplifiers up to 150 Watts. Its supercompact size lets you take it anywhere. Measures a tiny 4 x 2 x 1 ¼ inches. SWR tuning tool is included.

MFJ SWR analyzer pouch

MFJ – 29C protects your MFJ – 259B or other SWR Analyzer from harm for only $24.95. Customers have asked for a protective carrying case and MFJ has delivered! This soft foam carrying case protects your MFJ – 259B from casual bumps, scrapes, and scratches and has a large, clear plastic protective LCD and meter window that lets you operate your MFJ – 259B without taking it out of its pouch. Convenient component hole cut outs allow coax, antenna, dip coil or frequency counter input without taking your MFJ – 259B out of the pouch. A heavy-duty nylon shoulder strap has a tough rubber guard and strong hard-plastic clips on each end. Makes it easy to carry up on your tower or to remote locations. Tuning and bandswitch knob holes make tuning precise and easy! The MFJ – 29C also has a convenient KangaPoc back pocket for carrying dip coils and other antenna related accessories.



This form below is designed to help the Club update the roster and to collect dues. Club dues are due at the beginning of the year. Starting next year the Club will start collecting dues for 2000 starting December 15th and all dues will due by March 1ST, 2000. For 1999 the time was extended until June 1st, 1999. Please fill out and mail it to the treasurer at his Norwood or Hanson address. DO NOT send dues to the Club P.O. Box, this will only delay processing your dues. If you already paid your dues for 1999, thank you.

1999 DUES ARE DUE JUNE 1st, 1999

<<<<< Please clip the bottom stub and return with dues or corrections>>>>>

Clip and mail--- 1999 DUES and MEMBERSHIP LIST update – Reply stub


Please check here if you have a new CALL, change of address, or your address on the mailing label is incorrect. Use this stub for reporting any changes or corrections for the WARC roster. Include this stub when paying dues and fill out completely for the purpose of programming our autopatch database. Thank you. And of course you can pay your dues at one of the meetings.



HOME TEL#(_____)____________________________

AUTO PATCH #’S 1st #(______)__________________________ 2nd # (______)___________________

ARRL MEMBER (circle one) YES NO E-MAIL ADDRESS__________________________

For 1999 dues make out check or money order for $20.00 payable to Whitman Amateur Radio Club Inc. And mail direct to the Treasurer—Whitman A.R.C. c/o Jeff Tracy; 240 Washington St Apt #1; Norwood, MA. 02062-1548.

Please send other correspondence to: Whitman Amateur Radio Club Inc.

P.O. Box 48

Whitman, MA. 02382-0048

Your comments are welcome in this space (use separate sheet if nessary): _
Your comments may include; VE status, confidential requests, suggestions etc.

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